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Rimpact Original & PRO V2

What's new on the V2 models?

If you've followed our product development closely you'll know that we first launched our Original insert in 2018 and then followed it up with our PRO insert at the beginning of 2020. Since then, we've tested and developed, listened to feedback and adjusted these inserts fairly regularly to fully optimise their performance. Each time we developed a new product such as our EDH insert, we have taken that learned knowledge and reapplied it to our PRO and Original inserts to ensure they are always offering the best performance. 

Earlier this year we decided to apply all those small upgrades and adjustments and combine it with some other new changes to further progress these inserts and felt the products were no longer reflective of their names but required a fresh moniker to highlight how far they've come since their inception. 

Introducing the Original and PRO V2! Here are the key changes from their predecessors:

  • Wider where it counts - At 55mm the inserts are wider than their old versions. With wider modern rims and a move to 2.4"-2.6" tyres being the norm, the wider insert ensures there is protection where it's needed. 

  • More stable base - The wider stance means a better supported sidewall and bead. Less roll, less burping, doesn't create a square feeling tyre.

  • More resistant to stretch - The inserts are slighlty harder wearing than the old version which already lasted a good amount of time for a consumable product.

  • Tighter on the rim - The V2 range sits tighter on the rim, locking your bead in place and resists lateral movement better as a result.

  • Less shrinkage under tyre pressure - All inserts on the market compress when tyres are inflated to usual pressure, some more than others. Rimpact's V2 range steps this up a notch to ensure the insert is working as intended inside your tyre and not shrivelling up.

  • More protective - The above traits culminate to create a much more protective insert.

  • Little to no weight increase.

  • Still retains the grouptest winning ride feel.

Our EDH, Gravel/XC and CX models all share similar traits to the new V2 Inserts and we felt the old inserts were being left behind a little so this latest launch is about updating more than reinventing. 

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